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How often do you need to communicate in an SEO Agency

Often times many people have heard the saying that communication is key. Personally my belief is that when it comes to search engine optimization I believe that no news is good news. The reasoning behind this is that a lot of the activities that are done behind the scenes do not particularly need to be known by the individual or business that is receiving the search engine optimization work for their business. For example you would not ask a contractor to walk you through every single meticulous detail about building a house you simply want to know that he has the ability to build the house and that one it is expected it will pass inspection. This is virtually the same thing when dealing with search engine optimization. A lot of things go on behind closed doors that quite frankly most people would not have a clue about nor want to take the time to become educated about it so communication about the subjects should be limited. If you need help ranking your site contact this agency for help: – Michigan SEO Company , , , , .

Generally when dealing with a search engine optimization company you will either receive monthly or bimonthly updates on the standings of your website. This is more than enough for a company to know how the progress is going on their site. I personally know one company that sends out an email to every single one of his clients every day updating them on their sites. His tactic behind this is the fact that if they are constantly being bombarded with updates they will not contact him and waste his time asking for updates. It is a very good tactic but I could also see this upsetting many people because it would be as if he is not taking what he is doing seriously but this is one of the top search engine optimization experts in the world and he makes close to seven figures a month through SEO.

Also another key thing to keep in mind is the fact the search engine optimization is a relatively slow process with all the new algorithms and updates have been incorporated into the search engines. What used to take days or weeks now takes months and it is not uncommon for it to take close to a year for a website to be ranked on the top of the search engines. It takes this long to do it safely. So the general rule of thumb when working with someone who is working on your website in the attempt to rank it in the search engine results pages you should want to receive monthly communication with them just to get updates on the overall movement of your site. Any more than this is too much in any lasts is not enough which is a rule of thumb that I keep in mind.


What does the ranking process look like

The ranking process is a very long and tedious process that incorporates several steps that must be done simultaneously and correctly in order for everything to function the way it is intended to. It generally starts by ensuring that a site is properly optimized so that the search engines know what the site is actually about. For example if you have a roofing site but you failed to mention roughing it all on the site then the search engine will have no idea your site is about roofing the bus they will not have the ability to rank you with the other roughing sites in your particular area or location. Next you need to make sure that you have your internal elements within the site properly optimize such as your titles, descriptions, meta-descriptions, H tags, inner URLs, and many other factors. Once you have all of those ducks in a row you can then carry on with the process of going out and getting links and pointing them back to your site. This is by far one of the most difficult points that is why the search engines have emphasized the power that is passed through these links to your site. You can think of these links as a vote for your website. Every website that you have pointing a link to your site is virtually a vote that says that the information on your site is about the anchor text which is within that link and that it is trustworthy. But it is also important to remember that if you have a link from an untrustworthy site pointing to your site that is a negative vote for your site.

A lot of search engine optimization experts will build a private blog network which is a network of privately owned domains that all point back to other websites that they own in order to rank them. This is a very effective way to get links pointing to your site but it is also a very easy way for you to get your site de-indexed or penalized by the search engines. This goes against their terms of service and generally if you leave a footprint they will inevitably find it. I personally know a guy who had a private blog network that was worth over $1 million that was caught and completely de-index thus making a seven-figure loss for him. One of the easiest ways to help hide this footprint is to have privacy protection on your domains so the search engines do not know who the owner of these domains are and to also use different hosting accounts for each private domain. The reasoning behind this is because by having different hosting accounts for each domain you are change the IP address from each of those domains so that you do not have 20 domains from one IP address all pointing to your site. This is the exact footprint that got my friend caught thus making him lose a private blog network of over $1 million.

Once you start sending links to your site you must remember to properly diversify the link so that you do not cause a penalty. If you have a site about roofing for example you do not want to send anchor text to your site all pertaining to roughing because that will be extremely unnatural. You must keep in mind that while doing this you are attempting to mimic what individuals in the real world would do when linking to your site. A general rule of mind is that for every money keyword you sent to your site you should have around 2 to 3 branded or general links pointing to your site to help diversify as well as dilute your overall anchor text profile. This is just a small snippet into what it looks like to rank a website and the processes involved.


What is the common duration of time before you’ll rank

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the past years because the search engine’s algorithms have evolved and adapted to the tricks that SEO experts were implementing which allowed them to game the system and rank virtually any site they wish to it will. A few years ago you could rank virtually any site you want to within days or weeks sometimes depending on the competition you can have a site ranked within a few hours. Those days are long gone along with the individuals that had such great luck and skill at gaming those old algorithms. Around 2014 Google’s new algorithms dramatically change the entire SEO game. A lot of the sites that have been ranking for years suddenly dropped off largely due to the fact that they were spamming those sites with complete trash links that inevitably led to their demise. Due to this a lot of search engine optimization experts got out of the game because they figured that it was no longer possible to gain the search algorithms anymore or it would be too difficult in comparison to what they were accustomed to.

Nowadays it is common for site to be ranked depending on the competition within six months of the onset of search engine optimization. This is largely due to the fact that Google has implemented into its algorithm a slow delay time on the actual passing of the juice that a link will provide. Generally you see a large amount of movement roughly around the 21st day after you have initially pointed a link to a website. And then you will see another small pop and rankings around a 30 and then a slow trickle of power will continue to pass from that link on to your website for roughly 6 months afterwards. These are just general numbers from things that have been seen by myself personally and a lot of the people I work with and a large amount of people in the search engine optimization community. This is a large reason as to why many of the search engine optimization individuals that had previously been ranking in the serps no longer practice search engine optimization. They believed that links no longer worked as an effective way to rank a website so they started to change up their tactics into completely random series that generally left of them blowing up their sites or not ranking at all. For search engine optimization experts that were gaming the system for strictly monetary purposes it was a very nice relief because they were giving the majority or population of search engine optimization experts a bad name.

So back on topic with the common duration of time before your site will rank largely is due to competition and the difficulty it will be to outrank them. You have to look at the age of your competition, there links, their referring domains, and several other factors that can be a large contributing factor to whether or not you will be able to outrank them. You also need to keep in mind that every once in a while you will come across a site that just cannot rank in the serps. It will sit at the top of page 2 or the bottom of page 1 regardless of how nicely you optimize the site along with its links. This is just a part of the game that must be anticipated and expected at times when doing search engine optimization.


What skills should an SEO Company possess

There are many skills that should be possessed by a search engine optimization company. First of all they should be able to diagnose your website from head to toe in regards to all of the major ranking factors in which make up a website. This includes even the minutest of things like knowing the difference between a no follow and a follow link. This is just a small question you can ask a search engine optimization company which will show you if they really know what they are doing in regards to ranking websites. One specific skill that a search engine optimization company should possesses the ability to diagnose a website in regards to if it is optimized for search engines and if any of the links that are pointing to it could possibly be hindering its ability to rank in the search engines. This can be done by using countless third-party aggregators which crawl the entire World Wide Web and find the links that are pointing to and from websites. These aggregators will also give you a website a grade on their own proprietary ranking scale which will show you the power a website possesses.

Once the search engine optimization company reads over these various aggregators they will be able to diagnose your website and let a company know if it is worth pursuing their services. Occasionally a website will be in such disarray and will be in such bad condition that it is hopeless to rank that website and you are better off going to a website registrar and purchasing a new domain name and ranking that. The beauty behind this is the fact that you can keyword stuff your domain name to a certain extent which will help your website rank in the search engines infinitely easier in comparison to a branded website URL. There are countless examples of this happening for example if you do a Google search of loss Angeles DUI attorneys you will see that the first and second page are riddled with exact match domains that are all various versions of those words in order some with dashes some without dashes but all saying those exact same words. The reason why this is so powerful is due to the fact that domains and anchor text are the highest contributing factors to an overall ranking of a website. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that a domain name cannot be changed once it is chosen so if you have a keyword in your domain name than that 100% means that your website is about that given keyword and it cannot be changed. If you find yourself needing more questions answered we have a very good friend that would be more that happy to answer them for you, just click one of the following links and drop them a line! toptiermarketingseo Michigan – Seo Services , Detroit Seo – , grand rapids seo expert , Lansing Seo – toptiermarketingseo , – Warren Search Engine Optimization Services.

The reasoning behind why anchor text are so powerful is due to the fact that anchor text meaning links from other websites are the hardest thing for an individual to alter or get pointing back to your website. A search engine optimization expert will know how to go out and get anchor texts or links pointing back to your site with the exact keyword you are attempting to rank for. These are just a few of the things that an educated search engine optimization expert or SEO expert will know and will possess in regards to their ability to diagnose and rank a website for any given keyword on the Internet.


How to learn SEO

There are many ways to go about learning SEO. One way that it could be accomplished is through coaching. There are many people on the Internet that are willing to coach others for small fees and large fees. Some of these coaches are reliable others are not. You must do your due diligence and research into the company in which you are about to invest in who claim that they can teach you how to do proper search engine optimization. There are very few people who actually know how to properly optimize websites in order to have them rank highly in the search engines. This is one of the subjects is much easier said than done. I know of only a few people who are truly talented search engine optimization and can continually rank websites time and time again regardless of the niche. But with this being said you do need to keep in mind that there are specific niches that are much harder to rank for. An example of an exit is extremely hard to rank for is anything that deals with your money or your life. These are considered YMYL categories. If the subject that is being covered on the site has anything to do with your money or your life that is extremely hard to rank because the search engines do not just want anyone to have the ability to rank a site that will deal with someone’s life or someone’s money because this is a very easy way for people to be seared in the wrong directions and can be very costly to that individual.

An example of a site that would fit into this category is a site that tells you about gold IRAs. The reason why this will be extremely hard to rank is because only a few years ago gold was on the rise in the price was ideal for investment and it looked as if it was to become a very profitable retirement. Many people were able to rank for gold IRAs make an absolute killing on it but unfortunately as we know now the prices of gold have dropped dramatically. Anyone who took the advice from these websites invested in gold are now on the losing side of that investment. This is a key reason why these types of sites are extremely hard to rank and generally you need to have an extremely authoritative site in order to even compete in these niches.

Another way you could learn how to do SEO is through trial and error. It doesn’t cost very much money for you to create a website and build links to that website. But there are very specific things that need to be followed in order for you to properly do it without leaving a footprint. If you weave a footprint the search engines will be able to find you and they will terminate your site or penalize it meaning that your website will not be found anywhere on their search engines or possibly will completely fall out of index. If either of these two things take place your site will not be found anywhere and it will virtually be worthless and you will need to promptly start a new site in order to reclaim any rankings you previously had. This is also much easier said than done. Until next time, stop thinking, keep linking.


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